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Electrical Upgrades For New Orleans & Surrounding Communities

Is Your Home’s Electrical Supply Able To Meet Demand?

Your home is filled with thousands of dollar’s worth of expensive appliances and electronic devices that make life more enjoyable. The electrical demand inside your home keeps increasing and the electrical system in many homes may not be able to meet those new demands.

Consider this, newer homes have about 30 to 40 circuits suppling the electrical power needed for kitchen appliances, entertainment centers, computers, heating and cooling systems and many other modern conveniences.

A home that was built in the 1970s, may have just 12 circuits to serve the electrical needs of the entire house. Is the electric service panel in your home able to safely supply power and protect the investment you’ve made in appliances and other electronic devices?

A common sign that a home is drawing more electricity than the electrical system can safely distribute is frequent circuit breaker tripping and flickering lights. If you’re experiencing these warning signs or have concerns about your homes electrical system, it’s time to call Lightning Service.

Our electricians will perform an electrical inspection of your home’s wiring and distribution system to determine what your exact electrical needs are. Upon completion of your inspection you’ll receive a report showing areas in need of immediate attention, recommendations for improvements and potential upgrade possibilities. If no issues are found with your electrical system, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your electrical system is performing safely and at peak efficiency.

Electrical inspections are very important when buying a new home, the home is 20 years or older, adding appliances or doing remodeling and renovations.
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