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When humidity levels go up in the summer, your indoor comfort level goes down. You're probably thinking about how to decrease these levels for the comfort of you and your family. One method that some people turn to is air conditioning. However, it's important to understand how much, if at all, an AC system can help. 

Using Air Conditioning to Dehumidify
First of all, what's air conditioning supposed to be used for? As you likely know, it is there to cool down your home. When temperatures become unbearable, the AC is there to provide relief. However, the temperature reading isn't the same as the humidity reading. While the two are definitely correlated in some sense, they require vastly different treatments. Standard air conditioning really isn't the best way to remove home humidity. As the air cools down, some of the humidity will inevitably disappear. Nevertheless, you aren't eliminating all of the water droplets, which is the definition of humidity. After all is said and done, your home will likely still have too much moisture inside. Severe humidity can lead to mold and mildew on your walls. An AC is insufficient to handle these larger humidity issues that can lead to permanent damage.

Does Intense Air Conditioning Help Humidity?
Contrary to popular belief, intense air conditioning isn't a great solution to this problem either. Some people believe that turning the AC as high as possible for a prolonged period of time will get rid of all the humidity. Once again, this makes progress, but it really isn't a sustainable solution. This costs an incredible amount of energy, and your AC might not even be cut out to do such a job in the first place. Moreover, you're not using the AC for its correct purpose. The reason for such a high intensity is that the heat is sweltering outside. In reality, your issue is a little bit of humidity, which is another topic altogether.

Tips for Removing Home Humidity
If the above methods aren't ideal, what's the best way to remove home humidity? The answer is a dehumidifier. As the name suggests, these devices are designed to remove water droplets from your home's air. After all, that's the definition of humidity, so eliminating moisture gets to the root of the problem. Simply run the dehumidifier for an hour and watch as your home transforms into an ideal climate. The best part is, you can use a dehumidifier in tandem with other HVAC systems. In addition, dehumidifiers are careful not to overly dry out the air. It's true that if you go too far, you'll end up with humidity levels too low, and you'll need a humidifier. That's an equally severe problem. Fortunately, dehumidifiers detect the humidity level of the air and stop before it goes too far in the opposite direction. For the most part, these are hands-free devices. Just turn them on and let your family relax in a comfortable climate.

Temperature and Humidity
An interesting topic is the correlation between temperature and humidity. There's definitely something going on here, and it's a great idea to control the temperature in order to control humidity. However, you can run into a major problem. Humidity can be unpredictable. It largely depends on where you live. Some places on earth have high temperatures and low humidity. If you live near the equator, you might be used to high temperatures and high humidity. When temperatures drop, the humidity could go either way as well. In addition, we're talking about the interior of your home, which is different than the outside. Changing the humidity level by changing the temperature is a great idea, but you never really know how it is going to end up. If you have experience with the climate of your home, go for it. However, if you have any degree of uncertainty, you're better off with a dehumidifier. In particular, if you are trying to please guests or visitors, you want a reliable way to control humidity.

Removing Humidity the Professional Way
Air conditioning is mildly effective at removing home humidity. Nevertheless, it's definitely not the best option. At Lightning Services in Metairie, LA, we're a great resource to help you address home humidity. We're also experts in furnace installation, heating devices, and duct cleaning. Also, we proudly provide indoor air quality assessments and proven solutions. Contact Lightning Services in Metairie today to learn all the ways a professional technician can serve your home climate comfort needs.
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